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Buyers Home Inspections

The Buyers Home Inspection is designed to eliminate any nasty and costly surprises before you purchase your home. 

The inspection covers plumbing, electrical, roofing, structure and heating and cooling providing peace of mind for our customers.

The inspection is carried out by professional certified Home Inspectors and a comprehensive report with images is presented upon completion. Often this report is a great tool in the negotiation for the closing price.

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Wind Mitigation

Is your home equipped to handle tropical storm and hurricane force winds? Our Wind Mitigation Certified Inspector evaluates your home and roof features to assess its ability to cope with high winds. 

Homes that have added these wind mitigating  features are often subject to substantial insurance company discounts off their policy.

If you have questions on Wind Mitigation and how it affects your home please call for a free evaluation.

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Four Point Inspections

As a home ages many insurance carriers request a Four Point Inspection. This inspection looks at the roof, plumbing, electrical and heating.

There are many issues that can be seen in older houses which range from faulty or aged wiring now obsolete to old Polybutylene plumbing pipes which are prone to leaks and now no longer in use.

Many insurance companies wont insure a home if certain conditions are present that are deemed a fire or safety hazard.

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